Friday, June 10, 2005

Educated suffer in rural area

I am looking into the aspect of rural and urban development in India. I was talking about some comparisons about farmer sufferings. There was an argument from a friend that it is only based on farmers I have come to a conclusion that rural India has not developed as fast as urban India. Then I remembered this talk which I had with my cousin.

My cousin is a gynecologist. She has now started a clinic in my home town. I was talking to her about the set up cost etc. The scanning machine costs around 8 lakh Rs (the cost is the same even if it is bought in Bangalore). The consultation fee there is 20-50 Rs only. In Bangalore, it is 150-250 Rs only. The number of scans conducted here in Bangalore on a normal pregnant lady during her pregnancy is 4. This is actually not required unless the doctor sees something wrong with the baby or the mother. But people here are ready to bear the cost. In my home town the doctor can scan twice only. The people are not rich to pay for more scans. The scan charges are also almost 50% of what it is in Bangalore. The cost of the equipments is the same. The only thing that it cheap for the doctor there is the rent for the clinic. The competition is relatively less but the population is less as well.

When this is the case, how many doctors would like to settle in a rural area? When will they settle down their loans of education and infrastructure?

The cost of education, the cost of equipments etc are the same, but the income they are going to get is far less than what they could earn in cities.

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