Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is politics!

JD(S) and Congress alliance in Karnataka is in doldrums. Reason being - Karnataka's deputy CM Siddaramiah who belongs to JD(S) may move to Congress. Why is this? This is the latest master stroke by the 'Gowda, Dharam Singh hate club'.

Dharam Singh is accused of being a puppet in the hands of JD(S) supremo Deve Gowda. Another allegation is that Deve Gowda is supporting his sons and not his party men. The key contention is the appointment of board presidents. JD(S) leaders (other than Gowda) have been pressurizing Mr. Singh to appoint the board presidents. But it has not been done. It is pending since about 1 year. This has left the aspirants with a bad taste. After the recent debacle of Congress in the recent by-polls (they lost Chamarajpet and Shimoga), the anti-Singh move in congress has gained momentum. Leaders have settled in Delhi talking to Sonia Maam since 15 days. Along with this Siddhu has also got some aspirations to become CM and that wont be possible if he remains in JD(S) because Gowda is against him and supports his sons. Along with Siddhu the other JD(S) leaders who have raised voices against Gowda may also join Congress and overthrow Dharam from the CM seat. Hmm!! Slightly complex isn’t it?

I am eagerly waiting for the next move from either group. The quick and dirty end to the recent political developments would be appointment of board presidents which could split the anti-Gowda camp and thus putting Siddhu on the back foot.
Politics never ceases to amaze me.

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