Thursday, June 16, 2005

Free car parking

This is a true incident and happened with a friend of mine.
One Sunday morning my friend’s wife took her father’s car (Hyundai santro) for a drive. She was still learning and not very proficient in driving. She drove for some distance smoothly. Her confidence increased and she thought she was a very good driver. She drove to a busy market area. Seeing the traffic and the haphazard movement of people, she got a bit tensed. The tension reached the peak at a turning where the engine went off. Her frantic efforts to start and manipulate the car out of the self created traffic jam did not yield any result. With tears in eyes, she applied hand brakes, got out of the car, ran towards an auto, asked the driver to drop at her home - all in a single breath, thus leaving the car in the center of a busy road.
Her father returned after sometime to the place where the car had been left alone to get abused and shamefully manipulated the car out of the jam.
What can one say? Silly!!!

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