Monday, June 13, 2005

Emotional send-off

We got a new pressure cooker at my home. It was an exchange offer. We exchanged our 37 year old(!) cooker for this new one. It was a wedding present for my parents. It was used by us almost daily. The only thing we changed was the gasket and once or twice the safety valve. Then why did we change? Recently the handle broke off. The inside screw was rusted. We could not remove the screw and replace it with a new handle. (A proper technican could have replaced it. But we did not approach anybody.) The base had become convex and so it was risky to use it anymore.

My mom and dad are very impressed by the company TTK which was the maker of our old cooker. So we went for it again. The cooker had served us dutifully and it was a close to heart gift for my mom. The original value of the cooker was 27 Rs itseems. For the exchange it gave us 330 Rs.

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