Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tall men woes

My height is 5ft 11 inches. I mean I am really tall in south Indian standards!! But the world around me is not made for tall people. When I stand in the BMTC buses, my head hits the roof and the holding rods. During humps, I am sure of a bang. When I drive cars like Maruti 800, I find it difficult to adjust my leg position. My grand parents’ house doors are just too small for me. I need to bend more than a foot to get in. On a recent team outing, I got the last seat and the speakers in the Mazda kept knocking me down. I go to a shoe shop and find limited designs to fit me. In classrooms I need to slide down my chair to utter a whisper to the guy sitting next to me.
I mean these are not easy.

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