Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cost of panic - Gold bangle

An ECG was taken. The nurse carried the ECG report to the doctor. I was anxiously looking into the eyes of the doctor to extract some result of the report. After 3 mins (that seemed to be 3 years) of anticipation, he said that the heart beat was very high but the BP was normal. After another minute, he said that mother needs to be put on observation for a day in ICU. That's when the legs started shaking. The term ICU is really scary. Without much delay mom was asked to sit on a wheelchair and taken to ICU. The door of the ICU closed on our face as we stood outside.

After sometime a nurse came out with 2 plastic covers and a slip of paper. One cover had my mom's dress (She was asked to change to the hospital gown). The other cover had the bangles, mangalya, ear rings etc. The paper slip had the list of ornaments and the dress list with my mom's signature. We were in no mood to check as we had panicked too much. My dad put the jewels inside his pocket.

Every thing went well and after 2 days mom was discharged. As she came home and checked the jewels, she found 1 gold bangle missing. The paper slip also had a wrong entry (on less than the actual number). My mom had signed it without noticing. Understandably, she was also under tension. We promptly reported this to the hospital. But there was no case in favor of us. My mom had signed a slip which had wrong entry. And we (people standing outside) also did not know how many bangles my mom was wearing.
Yesterday, the hospital authorities said that they could not find the missing bangle, thus putting an end to the story.

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