Monday, June 13, 2005

PM on Siachen glacier

Manmohan Singh became the first Indian Prime minister to goto Siachen Glacier. So what? This was the question asked by a friend of mine during tea talk.
It is really a important milestone. Siachen is the world's highest battle ground. India is pumping in around 20 crore Rs per day to hold on to the strategic point in the Himalayas. Pakistan have always got an eye on this point and constantly attack us here (when in war or not). That's the sort of importance of Siachen.
I saw a photo of Mr Singh in siachen in one of the English dialies. Behind him was a tent which had the following written on it.

"This land is so barren and so high that only the best of friends and the fiercest of enemies would visit us" - Ladhaki saying.

Yes, the conditions here are horrible. Still soldiers stay there and fight for us. What is the inspiration for the guys who are already there and who are to be posted there? If dignitories like the PM of India visit them, the morale of the army goes up. They would feel respected and recognised to have the PM with them. This would also show that Indians have not just posted them there, but really care for them.
Or President had been there a few days ago. He is 70+ years old. Former defence minister George Fernandes was a regular visitor to the glacier. He is also 70+ yrs old. It is really difficult to breathe there for a normal middle aged guy. Manmohan is 73 yrs old and had an open heart surgery. When such a old person visits them it is really honour for them. This will inspire them.
More visits by more ministers should be conducted.

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