Monday, June 27, 2005

Small role

Friday, 24th June 2005 - 7am
Opposite to Nursing Home

Me and my brother-in-law were walking out of the hospital to take my scooter. An autorickshaw stopped and the driver ran towards the enterance of the hospital to grab a wheelchair. He asked our help to the old man in the auto to the wheel chair. As I tried to lift him up, I felt that the man aged about 65 was very heavy. I also figured out that the old man had froth coming out of his mouth. With all our strength we managed to put the old man on to the wheel chair. His wife, the old lady tried to help us. She also tried to set the old man's vaisti as it was coming off. The watch man by then summoned the hospital staff and off they took new patient in. The next thing I saw after my breakfast was that the old man had been moved to the ICU and his family were sitting outside the ICU waiting for some news from the doctors inside.

Saturday, 25th June 2005 - 2pm
Opposite to Nursing Home

As me and my dad were completeing the discharge formalities, there was a sudden burst in the number of people in the reception area. The old lady was being supported by 2 more ladies and all the 3 were crying. The others too seemed to just cried. Just then the hospital manager approached a gentleman and asked him (pretty loudly) "Can you get your own bedsheet?" The person's face indicated that he did not understand as the lady continued "to wrap the deadbody...we can provide it to you, but it will be charged on the bill". Yes, the old man was no more. I had a role to play during his last couple of days. As we moved out, I could not resist to see the deadbody being moved to a van.

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