Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"D"...easily avoidable

The much awaited Verma movie did come out on Friday and I did make it a point to watch it. The movie is a big let down. The reviews had told that it is a racy\pacy movie and the story takes twists and turns which makes you sit on the edge of the seat. Don't belive any of those.

The movie is slow, the story is predictable, the one liners are not very catchy and the shots are copied. For the guys who have seen "Sathya" and "Company", this movie is totally out of place. The scenes are a mixture of some Sathya shots and some Compnay shots. There is Chuny Pandey like Manoj Bajpai. There is a Deshu like Sathya. There are politicians who play wicked roles and there are people inside the gang who work against the gang. Bullets fly like mosquitoes in Bangalore drains. Songs like the Golimar Beje mein do exist where Chunky dances and pours beer all over his body. The so called prequel to Company does'nt stand anywhere close to the super duper Company.

As I mentioned, the story is predictable. A small guy is tortured by police and takes to rowdism and then becomes the don of Mumbai. The end of the movie is the start of Company.

Upendra's "Om", the Kannada thriller\don movie is still the best movie of that category.

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