Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Abuse with animal names

I will tell you what you need to curse, the next time you are angry at a guy.


You would have heard curses like the ones below but never heard somebody scolding other person - "BEE".

  • you become a lizard in the next birth (especially when you do not provide water for a thirsty individual)
  • dog (the famous kutte kaminey dialogue)
  • donkey (gadha jasisa khel tha hey)
  • owl (ullu, ulla ka patta)
  • monkey (kothi nan magane)
  • rat
  • pig (be aware that this is a very offensive abuse for some)
  • even a cockroach.

All these seem to have some bad quality which is why people "scold"\"abuse" using these animals. (I personally feel that like all animals these animals also have some good and some bad qualities. So use a bit of Gandhigiri\Munnabhaigiri and say thanks when you are called any of these.) But its pretty obvious that you are anyway going to offend a human if you call him anything but a human.

Coming back to the best curse - Bee. Read some facts about Bee and you know why its the worst curse.

  • The male bee (called the drone) is born to have sex with the queen bee. Thats the one and only purpose of its life. What a sexy waste!

Hold on bigger things to come.

  • The male bees queue up to have sex with the queen. If the drone gets the chance of its life time, it would have sex with the queen in mid air. During the event, the drone's penis and abdomen will be ripped apart and the drone will die. What a cursed life!

Hold on for one more moment.

  • The drones are fed by the worker bees till they grow up to a state when they can mate. The drones who do not mate with the queen is kicked out of the home (bee hive) and left to die of starvation (because they do not know how to get food of their own).
Long live the drone!


Anonymous said...

buzzing bee

Anonymous said...

preying mantis eats the head of its male partner during mating. so does some kind of spider.
but bee is the best!
- sundar

Sailor in Metal ocean said...

the queen is a witch is disguise. i hate the role it plays.
but i still have big question in my mind, why do male bee die for mate if they know how to collect honey from flower

Lost in thoughts said...

@ sailor - agree that she acts like a witch.