Monday, April 05, 2010

Marathon news

I have 2 news to share. A happy and the OTHER one...I will start in that order.

Happy news
May 23rd is the Bengaluru Sunfeast Marathon. As in the previous year, we have a 10k category and a 5k category apart from the senior citizen run etc. Last year I ran in the 5k segment. I had already decided to take a try at the 10k this time. I was super excited to see this news and spread the word among my friends (who showed some interest in participating...just to beat me).
Hearing\seeing the news, I already planned to buy a pair of new shoes for running. Set an alarm for 5:30 am on my mobile. Mentally decided the jogging route to take for the next 50 days. It was a big motivation to start exercising 'again'. Basically I was happy.

The other ONE
Over the weekend, i realized that one of my cousin is getting married. Its basically a happy news again. The marriage is on May 23rd. She is close to our family and I can't afford to miss her wedding. The wedding is in Bangalore. But we being the bride side, I expect that there will be some work to do at the wedding. The race timings would mean that if I run the marathon, I would enter the marriage hall only for lunch. This is very odd to do. So I have to skip this year's marathon. Sad.
This is something which is totally out of my control.
Wonder how much of what I want, I actually can do.

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