Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Waste of court time

When we do some work, do we really think if its approved by Supreme court or not?
Recently there was a ruling by the SC that premarital sex & live-in relations are ok in India. Or in other words it said premarital sex is not an offense.
Do people really care?
If somebody wants to have it, they will. If somebody wants to live together, they will. This was always the case.
On the other hand, how many would have sex before marriage because (only because) supreme court of India allows it? If they do not want it, they will not do it. Period. 
I looked up further into the case in which SC legally permitted premarital sex.
The case came up because actress Kushboo told in a TV interview that sex b4 marriage is OK. Some felt that this spoils Indian culture and the family setup. They filed cases (not 1, not 2 but 22 of them) against the actress. Now tell me, how many of you would do the thing because (only because) Kushboo told that its OK to do it.
Why should the court waste time on such trivial things? There are so many important cases pending which affects life of several people. Courts need to concentrate on important issues.

On the same stance, whats wrong with what Nithyananda swami did? He probably had premarital sex, which is perfectly legal. Why again waste time on the case? 

I do not endorse premarital sex. Even if I, who cares. I just want to say - don't waste precious time of the court on personal fantasies.

When giving this verdict court questioned - If Krishna and Radha had a live-in relationship, whats wrong with such a relationship?
Now - If Rama can ask his wife to goto fire, whats wrong with lighting up one's wife? Is wife a cigarette?
Dear court - It was a wrong example to quote. 


Anonymous said...

You should not question judiciary. You can be arrested.

Lost in thoughts said...

I did not question the judgment, my point was to tell that court should work on important cases than these trivial ones.