Monday, April 12, 2010

How do you spell ....?

the kid was waiting for the public bus to reach home. it was another boring day at school. he did not like the first few days of his 5th class. he was missing his 4th class friends. thanks to school's "rotation policy". he longed for the bus journey and meet his "foot-board friends". an old man was 2 steps behind him in an otherwise empty bus stand. old man came forward, tapped the shoulder of the kid. the tap was so gentle that the kid thought that it the bird flying above used his shoulders as the loo. kid hesitantly looked up and across the shoulder. kid was surprised that the shoulder was still clean and even more surprised to see a pleasant smile from the old man. after mutual smiles, the old man asked about school and studies. without much interest kid answered all questions. adding to the kid's frustration was the bus which did not turn up. the old man commanded respect by his pleasant looks and soft talk, so the kid could not be rude. suddenly the old man asked the kid "how do you spell 'wud'?". the kid already had told that old man that he is in class 5 and for a 5th class guy this question was lolly-pop. kid said "w-o-u-l-d", holding his chest high in pride. the old man laughed and asked the kid why not "w-o-o-d". stumped, bowled or whatever. the kid had no place to hide but argued foolishly. finally the bus arrived and kid was separated from the agony of insult and the old man.
the kid was me.
i have asked the same question since then to more than 10-15 people across ages. none have asked me "which wud?" and none have told me the answer as "w-o-u-l-d". everybody says "w-o-o-d". 
wonder why did i answer "w-o-u-l-d"?
try it on people around you including kids.

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