Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bet - we want to loose

We all take bets\challenges. In all bets, we want to win. 
But most of us also have taken a bet which we want to loose. Wondering what is this? Proceed further.
What is "Life Insurance"?

 Basically if you die, you want to give a better life to your dependents. Atleast financially they hold respect in society. 

But look at it in other way.

Its a bet you take with the insurance provider. The bet is death.

You say to the insurance company -  "I will die and so you will pay".
The insurance company tells you - "You will not die and so I will not pay".
This is the challenge.

From inside, you want the insurance company to win the bet.
And the funny part is  - you pay annually some amount to loose the bet. (they call it premium! Funny!)


Anonymous said...

very true!

Prabhakaran said...

lateral thinking ;-)