Saturday, April 10, 2010

Question remains unanswered

With every election the answer to the following question gets murkier and murkier...

What makes a party win an election?
  • Previous record
  • Current performance of itself and opposition
  • Strength of the opposition
  • Caste
  • Leadership
  • Alliance
  • Money power
  • Loss of choice for the voter
  • Corruption
  • Candidate profile
  • Promises
  • etc 
  • etc
These and many more form a matrix, which is hard to crack. And this makes the GREAT Indian democracy really GREAT.
BJP won the BBMP elections by a handsome margin, beating all predictions. Lets see what the current BJP govt has done.

Previous to this civic elections, BJP was nowhere in BBMP (this is the first time BJP has got to power in a civic body in South India). Their performance as govt of Karnataka was below expectation. Acute power shortage, no hikes for govt officials, transfer corruption, NICE controversy, water scarcity, vulgar money power of miners (CM acknowledged this), infra projects not progressing, frustration internal quarrels spilled out in public etc etc Still BJP won the polls hands-down. We also have a divided and a leaderless opposition which has helped BJP.

Of-course there are some good work done by them.
They have utilized the JNurm funds for having good roads and good buses. The compound walls of govt establishments are now beautifully painted (making the city look better).

Even with these good points, can anyone from BJP answer the question which i posted above with honesty and sincerity. I bet NO. The question couldn't be answered by Congress when they beat Vajpayee's BJP\NDA to head India.
Its better that state BJP realize that we have given them another chance to prove their worth. Repay us with good work for our votes.
Congrats and Good luck to BJP!

The immediate effect for sure will be increase in cost of living...
Candidates would want to get back the money they spent in elections, so some projects will start in each constituency.

A better question to end the post -  
Will Bangaloreans enjoy a better life under the new BBMP setup?

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