Friday, April 09, 2010

workout in good envoirnment

Why do experts all over the world recommend to exercise in the morning? There should be some sensible logic.
I strongly feel that one of the strong reason for this reco is that the air is relatively cleaner in the morning. And its no big brainer that we need more oxygen when we exercise. Other reasons could be temperature, free time, stay fresh for the rest of the day.
There are a lot of gyms near my locality on the ring road. Most of these gyms are flocked by guys early in the morning. They come in bikes and run in the gym(I do not understand this logic of theirs). Blazing hip hop music is put on in full volume inside the gym. Such music supposedly brings in the "josh" to exercise. 
These gyms are in the basement or ground floor of a shopping complex. Basically, they are in the space that is meant for parking in the complex. I went to a couple of them just to see how they are (not an iota of intention to join them). The gyms are cramped with equipments. There is not enough space between them. The gym is dusty and cob webs are hanging around like those in the horror movies. There is the garage shutter as the entrance to the gym and only a couple of small ventilators for air circulation. As the gym is underground, the door and the ventilators open to the stone walls(foundation). The gap between the openings and the wall is also less. So air cannot gush in.  The gym does not have ac. A couple of creaking fans try to cool the area. There are around 10-12 people sweating out in the 2200 sq feet gym. I hope you feel (or at-least imagine) thickness in the air of the gym. 
Smell of sweat, hot air from the fan, loud music, air filled peoples' exhaust....oh a creepy feeling.

Cant guys exercise in parks nearby? Cant they try something within the four walls of their homes? 

Guys - Choose a good surrounding for exercise. You are harming your lungs and muscles in these sultry gyms.

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office gym is the best