Monday, April 26, 2010

When winners are not in focus...

You thought that the winners corner all the glory! Not always...
Read a few examples below - 

1.  Royal Challengers Bangalore were rocking in IPL 3. They thrashed Mumbai in Mumbai, chased down 200+ against Punjab in Bangalore. You expect that to be in the headlines of atleast Bangalore edition of newspapers. The front page of atleast 3 newspapers carried match pictures. Not of RCB boys though. It was Sid Mallya with Deepika Padukone. Siddhartha Mallya also told that Deepika gets credit of RCB win because she is the lucky charm. Damn! The cricketers who slog on the ground did not get the credit.

2. Ask a few colleagues and friend - Who won the Augusta Master Golf tournament 2010. 8/10 will not know the answer. But the same 8/10 guys would know that Tiger Woods returned to the golf course after 6 months of break. Sorry Phil Mickelson...theres very few lines written about you. When Tiger is around Micky can just squeak ;-)

3. "Hurt Locker" beat "Avatar" at the Oscars this year. Also the best director was Kathryn Bigelow. But hardly a few know her. Most of us only know all the details about the loser James Cameroon of Avatar, Titanic fame. Most news articles had headlines as "Avatar looses", "James disappointed at Oscars"....Hardly a few praised the movie "Hurt Locker".

4. When ex SAP CEO was replaced by the current 2 co-CEOs - Most news articles did mention the new co-CEO names only at the fag end of the article. Leo Apotheker hogged all the lime light as the "moving out" CEO. The news channels captured the co-CEOs (Bill and Jim) much later because of the co-CEO model which is rarely seen in the industry.

5.  In the (in)famous Kuwait invasion - all one remembers is the loser Saddam Hussain. The allied troops led by USA hit back at Saddam and he had to retreat. Even the US media had more Saddam than Bush (the then President of USA). 

6. The latest and the fresh one - Who is the new IPL commissioner? I doubt if he(Amin) would be present in the headlines atleast for the next few days. But the charismatic Lalit Modi (some suggest that he has to be Lallit Modi) would still take prime time in most of the news channels.

7. When Fedex or Nadal is defeated in a tennis match - the news is mostly about the form and stats of the loosers and very less about winner.

Are you wondering whether to be a winner or a famed looser!

It's no choice dear!

Just go for the win....and hope the limelight is on you.


Anonymous said...

It is a pessimistic way of looking at the world!

Winoath said...


Vinod said...

good observation...

so doest that mean to be in limelight, one shud eb alooser :)