Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shabby Vs Neat

Ask yourself the question - Do i want to be neat or shabby?
Most of you would say "Neat". 
Now ask yourself the question - Am i neat or shabby?
I do not know what the majority would say...Probably the answer would be (like my answer) - "sometimes neat and sometimes shabby".

There is no big need to explain what are the advantages of being "Neat". Looks good, probably healthy, some cases being neat occupies less space, more lovable perhaps etc etc. 
Similarly, there's no big need to explain the disadvantages of being "Shabby". The opposite of all the above. So the preferred thing is to be "Neat".

I mostly tend to agree with the "Neat" followers. But in some cases, its advantageous to be shabby. Let me put a picture in front of you. 

Just to make clear, the picture has 3 objects - Mouse, Headphone, Mobile charger arranged in some fashion.
Your first thoughts about the picture would be - part A of the picture is "Neat" and hence the preferred way to arrange things. Part B is "Shabby", haphazard and best avoided. 

Now just assume the following -
The setup is in your home. Its night and you are sleeping (probably a very sound sleep after seeing your  favorite team winning the IPL match). A thief somehow sneeks into your home. He is busy gathering the goods that are lying around. He sees your Bose headphone (10k Rs). 

Part A arrangement - He picks it up easily and walks out.
Part B arrangement - He tries to pick the headphone in a hurry. He holds the headphone and pulls. The wires are entangled and the mouse falls off from the table, making a loud noise. You wake up & either catch or chase the thief.

Now - Ask yourself the question - Do i want to be neat or shabby?



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kya baat , kya baat , kya baat ....

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y can't he take everything and seperate it at his leisure ...