Thursday, April 01, 2010

April 1 special

I wanted to try this today.
Board the BMTC volvo bus (500k) which gets me to office via our office cab route. 
Buy a ticket costing 10 Rs to a stop which 3 stops(DG bunk) from my stop. 
After this, in the subsequent 2 stops, ask the colleagues waiting for the office cab to board the volvo telling them that the office cab has met with an accident. 
They would buy bus ticket to office paying 45Rs. 
Then I get down at DG bunk and catch the office cab which comes 5 mins later.
I dropped the idea because it could become sensitive with not so many like minded people. They may get defensive and the fun portion goes for a toss.
I checked with some friends and got to know that they would have fallen for this fool's day special.
By the way - I am fooled by my wife already :-)


Aravind said...

Good One Manju...
Were you able to read the Kannada Prabha for today! About Electronic Voting Machine, that was also nice! I was wondering till the end why the same was not reported in Times of India till I read the end of that Article :D

Sailor in Metal ocean said...

can u elaborate on the way u got fooled from ur wife :)

Viju said...

ha ha ha ....

Sriram said...

I would have missed it Manju..
I board the cab at DG ;P