Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free offer from Colgate

The famous Colgate toothpaste has come up with a free offer. Yet again.
I have received several free samples of toothpaste from Colgate. Be it their "Total" or "Sensitive" or "Active Salt". Now Colgate has a free offer. To avail this you just need to spend on a SMS.

Send SMS - MaxWhite to 54646

After sometime you will get a call from Colgate, who would get your address from you and send the free sample of their new toothpaste "Colgate Maxwhite". 

Probably it works only in a few cities but will definitely work in namma Bengaluru. As all offers, its a limited period offer.

I am a very regular of "Colgate Total" though. It's the best and keeps tartar away...I am speaking from my 3 yrs experience with Total.

Wonder how many packets of toothpaste does Colgate give away free! Great going Colgate.

PS - I saw a big advertisement on the old Airport road about this offer.


Anonymous said...

5 rs karch madi sms kalsidini.If i don't get it, you will pay me.

Lost in thoughts said...

hogolo, toothpaste bandre nanage yen kodthya?

Lost in thoughts said...

@Sundar - Received the toothpaste yesterday.