Saturday, November 27, 2010


Salam Bhai,

Things are going according to our plan. We are all set for the D-day. India will shake. India will listen. And we will win. Months of effort will see fruits by year end. When we meet again in November, I have only good news to share. 2010 will be the year of resurgence for us.

Our British bhais have stuck to the task. It started with our agents bribing the organizing committee. Indians fell for it. I bribed a lot and sent them sub-standard material for their stadiums. But, I could not force our men into the venues. Security was very tight in India. That was when our master-brain came with this idea.

1. Our agents delayed the shipment of goods for the venues. Work lagged. Venues were not meeting deadlines. They are incomplete. Rains added to our joys. Leaks in the venues (partly because of our agents sub-standard goods) are creating panic in organizing committee.

2. I leaked the bribery stories to the Indian media. Indian media made big news out of this.

Bhai, I know that our agents will be caught. But a small sacrifice will help us in achieving the bigger motive.

Now all efforts of the Govt, is to make the games a success. They are covering up the bribery issues. They are working on fast pace to complete the venues on time. For this they have recruited more laborers. Some of these additional laborers are my men. Government has no time to do security check. And media is not capturing the security lapses. They are busy with the corruption scandal. So in one master move, I have removed 2 obstacles - media and security. Now it is our time.

My sources in Govt already told me that a mock security drill will be conducted at the venues. This drill will be done to impress the foreigners but there will be no serious security drill. They have no time for it.

On the day of opening ceremony, when the venues are full - the attack will happen.
The world would watch us. India will be shattered. What we did not achieve in South African world cup, we will achieve in India.

Agent 617

Disclaimer –
This is purely a fiction. I wrote this before the Common Wealth Games, when media was exposing the corruption scandals surrounding the games.

My worst fear then, is described in the form of a letter. A letter by a terror agent to his boss. Boasting of his plot to derail Common Wealth Games 2010.


anu said...

very nice flow .....good article

Sriram said...

Luckily ! it DINT happen.. Else police would have been investigating u :)

Leo said...

yeah. good it didnt happen too :)