Thursday, November 11, 2010


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He was one of the last few in the long queue. He could not see the start of the queue. It would be a long wait, he guessed.

He knew all about queues. He had waited for 12 years in a queue. After 12 yrs, when he was first in that queue, the job was done in 5 seconds. The wait was boring.
He pondered if this wait is also boring and the final event would last seconds or hours.
After some hours, came his turn - he stood in front of Almighty. 

There was one straight question "do you repent for what you did?"
He said "yes".
"I have given my explanation in the court", he replied.
"Answer me. I know everything that has happened, but want to see it in your eyes".

"He had cheated me and my wife. He grabbed the land which was our livelyhood. He threw us into poverty. My wife died because I had no money to treat her. The idiot dint show mercy or humanity during our tough times. After my wife's death, there was no purpose in life. I went to the idiot's house and hacked him to death. I used his gun to shoot down in his wife. Then I surrendered to the police. The court ordered death sentence to me..after 12 yrs in the queue of death sentence, I was hanging by the rope. Dear God, Now I am here in front of you."

"You said you repent for what you did, why?"

"Lord, after I shot the idiot's wife, there were 4 bullets left in the gun. I knew that my surrender to police meant my surrender to death. I repent for surrendering to police. I had to wait in the queue for death. That was an unproductive waste of time. I repent for not shooting myself to death with the same Gun. I could have reached you earlier."
"Case dismissed - put him into hell" Almighty answered.

Lord laughed and tried to see the end of queue before him. Lord could not and called the next person in queue.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this !! interesting post :)

Amity said...

what an imagination this is Lost! i like your take on Q as in queue...

I was smiling because of his wicked foolishness...true he should have shot himself with the same gun so he didn't wait too long in the queue...very entertaining Lost! :-)

Anonymous said...

I bet there was quite a queue waiting to get in to hell. (For me, queues are hell!)