Monday, November 22, 2010

Hostel to Hospital

Hari was the super-boy of the hostel. He was the problem solver in the boys hostel of the college. Be it a light switch that was not working or the notice board announcements, the contact person was always Hari.

The hostel hosted 300 students in 4 floors. Hari was not among the students but was the boy who took care of the logistics in the hostel. Every student knew Hari and Hari knew each of them by name within a week of they joining the hostel.

Hostel day was nearing. This was the peak time for Hari's work. He was responsible for decoration, food, event management etc. Just before the D day, Hari was arranging the decoration lights for the hostel building from the terrace. He slipped and fell, right from top and crashed on the ground below.

Students gathered to see a bleeding but breathing Hari. There was no ambulance in the institution and the nearest hospital was 5kms away. After around 15 mins of waiting, students took over. An entourage of bikes started from the hostel. On one of them, there were 3 people, including a bleeding Hari. On the way to the hospital, Hari breathed his last.

Students approached the institution to set up a health complex within the hostel campus. The institution obliged. A small first aid center with a doctor was set up. A 24/7 ambulance was also introduced. They named it Hari ambulance service. "Even in death, a good man serves society", the students thought.

PS - This is based on a true incident in a college. A tribute to a friend of mine.


Leo said...

yes, if the person is recognized for his good work, the work becomes eternal.. nice narration and tribute, LiT!

Tweety said...

i second leo's thought...his work shall alway keep him alive within your hearts...