Friday, November 26, 2010

Double century

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He had no writing experience...apart from writing exams in the school and college.

After graduation he moved to an industry where writing meant typing. Key boards were the new pens. He wrote using key boards.

Unlike his academic study period, in the industry he wrote code. LOC, they called it. Lines of code.
Occassionally he started writing something called MoM. Minutes of Meeting. Why is it called minutes, when at time it took hours to write it?

As he gained experience in the industry, he wrote SpeDes. Specifications and Design. And now he realised that writing also meant drawing. They were the new drawing methodologies - Flow charts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams etc etc.

In the midst of all these, the only time he wrote about himself was during the performance talks. He then wrote, what is good about himself, what he wants to do in future, what he did in the past, what he learnt in the process of writing LOC, SpeDes, flow charts etc. He felt happy doing this. And he felt that he has to do this more often.

That was the period, he learnt a new word called BLOG. He realized that this is the space where he can express freely about himself and the surrounding world. He started writing blogs. And he kept them private. It was the space to put his thoughts through words or pictures or drawings. Being shy, he did not want the others to know what he thinks. But one fine day he exposed them, and wierdly for no specific reason.

Like many other interests, after a few days, he just stopped writing Blogs. This was again for no specific reason. Probably he concentrated his free time on some of his other interests like music, cinema, books and stocks.

Early 2010, he started writing Blogs again. This time very aggressively. Yet again, it was for no specific reason. He was encouraged by friends in this venture. As the year comes to close, he is celebrating his double century of blog entries in a year. Uff...nice feeling.


Shashi said...

Is that you Manju?

Lost in thoughts said...

yes, shashi

Amity said...

Is this you Lost?

I could relate to so many things here...from typing in keyboards to finally blogging...but since I started, I never stopped and on the 28th will be my 2nd year blog anniversary...:-)

Do drop by and see what's happening now in my would be an honor to see you there... :-)

Will try to make up for the posts I missed on the Z-A challenge... :-)

Have a happy weekend...Manju?



Anonymous said...

Mate. This blog is amazing. How can I make it look this good ?

Anonymous said...

There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. Keep working ,great job!.