Monday, November 08, 2010


She: what's up?
He: reading newspaper. What u doing?
She: in the new mall. Nice tops available. Cheap. Buying a few. What's your fav color?
He: blue
She: I buy a blue now. Mall is nice.
He: I am not a mall guy..enjoy.
He: blore is cool today. What's up at u'r place?
She: Chennai is hot.
He: I plan to go to new Tarantino movie today.
She: Hmm, oh..I don't watch english movies. Bollywood romance is super.
He: same story, same fights..can't watch those.
She: yeah, but...enjoy.

She: its pouring in chennai. Missed my gym even today.
He: what gym sym and all. Eat and enjoy..and when it pours in Chennai, it drizzles in Bangalore.
She: lazy you..always eat. I will put u on diet after wedding. What are your plans for evening?
He: good football and F1 on tv.
She: how boring! Read books. Grisham's new one is gripping. Will finish it today.
He: news paper is the only thing I can read..who is Grisham? And nothing can be more gripping than manu chelsea match.
She: hmm..can't convince you..enjoy and love u.
He: love u too..bye
As he recollected these SMS conversations with his wife (before marriage), he realized that 8 yrs of married life has ensured one thing. Like their tastes are unique, their partnership is also unique...both have a thing in common..endurance.


Shalmalee.... said...

Haha! True!
Opposites attract and they compliment well too, isnt it?

Leo said...

good match.. two different tastes dont necessarily go against each other now, do they? :)

Anonymous said...

Too good !! Well written :)
True story ?? (though its true to some extent to all couples)