Monday, November 15, 2010


Raj was on the way back from office. It was a 25km drive for him. And sadly this drive in his car could take around 2 hrs. The unpredictable city traffic and the frequent signals could add another 30 mins to his travel time. Some of the traffic junctions would take 20 mins for clearance. He cursed his bad luck and his inappropriate office timing. "The need of the hour was good broad roads and flyovers", Raj thought.

Today was no different. There was traffic jam at the junction. Looking at the distance between him and the signal, Raj guessed that he would have to wait for 20 mins in this junction. He opened his bag and found a banana to eat. This was a regular habit. This would satisfy his need for food.

As he peeled the banana, he saw a face and a heard a knock on his car window. It was a beggar boy, pleading for some money. He looked like he was around 6 to 8 yrs old. Raj hated the beggars. The boy made a sad face and pleaded for something. He indicated that he was hungry. Raj knew these tactics of the beggars. But today, he felt bad to eat the banana in front of the beggar kid. Raj lowered the window glass and gave the banana to the beggar boy. The boy smiled and ran with his hands up in the air. It was like the boy had won the world cup. Raj thought that the boy really needed something to eat. Raj smiled at himself.

A few minutes later as Raj's car strolled in the junction, he saw the boy again. Boy had a baby on his lap, and was sitting on the pavement. The boy was feeding the baby with the banana, Raj had given. Curiously, Raj asked the beggar boy who the baby was? With a big smile on the face, the boy said "my small sister. She was hungry and needed food. So I am feeding her the banana".

Raj was speechless.


Vibhuti B said...

Dear Manjunath,
if this is a true story I must say I am truly touched. It is not only the way you narrated it but also the thought. This story will remain with me more than ever.
The value for a simple banana can be much more as per it's need!

Tweety said... brings tears to heart goes out to all these children...i am touched..

liv2write2day said...

This is incredibly touching. A picture of true love.

Jingle Poetry said...

sigh.. life's like that? an emotional story, LiT..