Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Location – Village in the India – Bangladesh border
“This case has 200 thousand. 15 hundred worth genuine ones. All others fake. Printed in Pak. Specialized printing.  Commission is as usual. No negotiation. Kaka will deal this. Take it to Kolkata. Shipment in cow’s stomach! “
“ok! See you later.”

Location – Kolkata’s small butcher yard
 “Kaka’s stuff has arrived. 20 cows and 200 thousand in it. I want all tonight. 11 pm. Get it to Dadu’s store.”
Location – Kolkata’s Dadu store
“Counting is done sir. Master class print. Can’t trace. Pak guys are best in business.”
“ok, what next?”
“Dadu, shipment will go to Haryana’s Jiten bhai, Mumbai’s Karim babu, Hyderabad’s Kumar Khallu. All equal distribution.”
“Who takes it to them?”
“All experts. In train. Naresh, Usmaan & Govinda.”

Location – Mumbai – Karim Babu’s garage
“Karim saab, 65 thousand here. All Pak made. No error. New serial number. Special print. Dadu’s guarantee. “
 “Ok! Circulation will start today. South India full circulation. “
“Commission ?”
“Going in vacation to South India. After coming back will pay Dadu directly.”
“Ok, Karim saab” .

Location – Hampi – Tourist destination in South India
“Karim uncle, please get me that toy. “
Turning to the seller - “ What’s price? “
“100 Rs sir. “
“Give me 5 pieces. “ Hands over a 500 Rs note.
“Thanks sir! I Krishna. Me doing export business of toys. Any orders let me know. ”

Location – Hampi – Krishna’s garden
“Raghu, here is your monthly pay”
“Krishna sir, why 500 Rs note? Give change sir”
“No change, go to Bank for change!”
“Ok sir”

Location – Hampi – Bank of Bharat
“Sir, can I get change for 500Rs?”
“Yes Raghu, who gave you 500?”
“Monthly salary sir”
“This is fake note. Police can arrest you for this. Do not use this note”
“Sir, that’s the only money I have for month.”
“I don’t know Raghu. You can’t use this fake note. Fake notes cannot be used. You will be arrested. I will cut this note and burn it. ”
“Sir, no money for a month”

Bank official tore the note and marked the pieces as fake with marker pen.


anu said...

Very nice flow.Good article

Tweety said...

i liked the way the whole was narrated...good one...

Leo said...

one fake causes a lot of problems.. loved ur narration, LiT.

Amity said...

Oh nice rendition of the F...fake...:-)

for fake means really so much like in your story here Lost!

Lost in thoughts said...

Can't believe this!
Bengal, Bangla border...