Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sing - Short story

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Narayana was from a family of musicians. His grandfather, Rama Rao was a renowned violin player.  Rama Rao had performed in front of the then king. Pleased with Rama Rao’s talent, the king set up a prize in Rama Rao name for the bright young musician of the year. Rama Rao award gained reputation and every Deepawali the winner of a competition would receive this from the king himself.

Narayana’s father, Gopal Rao was no less a musician. The flute artist had many cassettes and CDs of his concerts. Gopal had performed in the smallest of street pandals to the big music halls of western countries. Gopal had also won many awards including the President’s music honor.

Narayana Rao had music in his blood. But modern day life made him give it a second or third priority. His childhood holidays were spent in best seats of the best musical houses of the world, watching his grandpa and father perform. He learnt classical music but ignored it in the rat race called academic exams. He excelled in his academic studies and became an Engineer. He started working as a software engineer in a big company.

Rama Rao and Gopal always wanted their family’s traditional torch to be carried on. Rama Rao had once told his grandson of his desire – To watch Narayana perform on stage. Narayana also had the desire to do his bit in music. He had a good voice and had learnt the basics of classical music.

It was the company’s festival party time. Narayana decided to sing a song on the festival day. He practiced hard under the guidance of his father. His grandfather was now old and was bed ridden. On the party day, Narayana finally sang for the first time on stage. The 5000+ audience clapped their hands full. Tears came down his eyes. The experience of singing on stage and receiving ovation was overwhelming.

Narayana showed the video recording of his singing performance to his granddad. After the song got over, there was tears in Rama Rao’s eyes.  Tears of satisfaction of holding up the musical tradition.

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Leo said...

ah.. the passing of the torch from generation to generation is very important in many families :) lovely narration.