Saturday, November 20, 2010


Amma*: its ok putta, just for one day
Putta: no amma, I cannot be without underwear.
Amma: tomorrow you can wear..see its raining, your underwear has not dried.
Putta: I will wear the black one.
Amma: its not dry putta. I got only 2 to uncle's house and both are wet. And you are 3 yrs old. Its ok not to wear underwear.
Putta: then I will not take bath.
Amma: ok, I will put your underwear on the boiler**. It will dry because of the heat caused by water heating.
Putta: ok.

After sometime...
Amma: what happened to the underwear on the boiler?
Putta: its inside the boiler.
Amma: who put it inside?
Putta: me. Uncle told me that its very hot inside the boiler. So the underwear will dry faster.

Though Amma scolded Putta for this. As an afterthought she appreciated 3 yrs old Putta's intelligence.

*Amma - mother is referred to as Amma in Kannada language.
**Boiler - its a closed water container, with a lid at the top(acting as the input) and a tap at the bottom(acting as the output). It has an electrical coil to heat the water inside.


Leo said...

underwear dries faster inside a boiler? :-o new knowledge for me ;) :D

nice narration as usual, LiT.

kavisionz said...

hehehhe... super cute!!
For a 3 year old, Putta is really smart!! Unfortunately for him though, there was water in the boiler when he put his underwear in!

I really enjoy reading your tales! They are most interesting!