Thursday, November 18, 2010


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"Key to success" - Kitty wondered at the location of the book. He got into flash back mode immediately.

Kitty's clear key to success was money. He wanted mansions, cars and hi-style living status. This was his definition of success. For all this money was the key. He used his official power and status to give contracts to ineligible candidates at a cost. Made a land bank for himself in a posh locality of the city. For sometime he enjoyed the fruits of his success mantra.

Time started moving slowly and even went in reverse. Sleuths investigated into his assets and the asset making mechanism.

Flash back was cut short by the voice on the speaker. Free time was over. Kitty walked back from library to his cell, as he heard the key jam the prison lock behind him.

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Leo said...

well, greed gets what it deserves.. nice narration again..! :)