Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Kid packing crackers - Source
The teacher had explained the significance of Deepawali. Sonu was very attentive in the class during the entire explanation. He learnt about Lord Rama’s return to his home town. He also learnt about the death of evil Narakasura. He was happy to learn something new today. He already thought of telling this tale to his mother in the night. 

The teacher then showed pictures of children making crackers in the dingy factories, breathing poisonous chemicals. She explained the ill-effects of bursting crackers. The pollution aspects and the harmful effects on animals moved Sonu.  Sonu decided not to burst the crackers during this Deepawali. 

In the evening, Sonu explained his streets friends about the effects of crackers. The kids around him were also motivated and decided not to burst crackers. Sonu (thanks to his teacher) had lead a mini revolution in the area.

Diwali night came. The kids of the street met along and played in the road. There were no crackers. Like Sonu’s parents, the other elders of the street, lit diyas and decorated the houses with flowers.
Sonu and his friends made paper lanterns and hung it in front of the houses. It was light and only light all over the place.

During the play Sonu ventured into the neighboring road. There was a flash and Sonu fell down. It was a cracker that struck him on his eyes.

The boy who had brought light to the street by his teachings, now has a new teacher. She teaches him Braille. Light faded into darkness.


Vibhuti B said...

Awesomely thought provoking story!
Very well narrated again and this time as far as I know, flawless! :D
The end was absolutely touching too...:(

Anonymous said...

I had never before touched so much as by this ! irony they call it !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! What a sad end to the tale! :(
But knowing Sonu as he is, I am sure he will make the most out of every lost opportunity too!!
This was so very well written.. woww!!

Leo said...

ur having a knack for wonderful narration, LiT! :D super...