Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Xerox - Short story

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Time was running out. 3 days to go for the close of the contest. The topic was absurd. Robin wanted to win. Desperate to win and show his girlfriend, Sheela that he is indeed creative.  

He remembered Sheela’s words – “Robin, none of your work is good. The college art department has rejected each one of your essays. Stories are pathetic. You are in a wrong department. Do not pursue creative writing. It’s not your game.“

The pressure to write a creative story within the short span of time on an abstract topic and more importantly win, was getting on to his nerves.

Finally Robin had an idea. He went to Google and typed in the abstract prompt. Jumped on to the 20th page. Read a couple of articles and his story was ready. Robin was sure that nobody could catch his copycat act. “Why would anybody read the 20th page of a Google search?” he thought. He patted himself for his creative thought.

A couple of weeks after the submission of the story, the results were out. Robin & Sheela watched the announcement in the college auditorium. His hopes were fading when his name was not in the top 3. But a big smile ensued on Robin’s and Sheela’s face when the jury announced the special award for Robin.  
Victoriously Robin walked towards the stage when his smile started to fade hearing the award citation.  

The best copycat award – an old scrapped Xerox machine goes to Robin.


Prakash Nyamagouda said...

hahaha...nice one!

Rinkly Rimes said...

A very subtle punishment!

Shalmalee.... said...

hahaha...thats a good one!

Leo said...

cute :D

so judges do read page 20 of Google! :D

Lost in thoughts said...

Thanks everybody.
@Leo - Judges may not read page 20, and probably Robin copied one of the judges article.

Shashi said...

No, one of the judges copied the contents to Google and searched again. This time it was in the first 5. That's why he was caught.