Thursday, November 04, 2010

Watch - Short story

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Reena saw the time. She had to reach the office in an hour. The bus stand was crowded. But there was no signs of any bus. It was time for the peak hour rush.

Around 5 mins later, the crowded bus arrived. Reena saw the time by her watch. She could not afford to miss this one. As she tried to squeeze throw the crowd in the bus, her watch rubbed across the metal door of the bus. She heard the screeching sound even in the huge buzzing traffic noise around her.  She managed to see the scratch. It was deep. Even in glass fully covered by small scratches, Reena identified the new scratch. She remembered the day her dad gifted this watch. It was in class 8 when she got rank 1. 12 years ago. Having been emotionally attached to it, Reena got bit upset but forgot about it in the rush of the bus.

It was her destination. As she got down from the bus, she checked the time. The watch was missing. She could not even search for it in the crowded bus.

She felt miserable all day. Time had stood still. Work was not progressing and her watch was reminding her about her school days, love for parents, fear of losing more etc etc . She thought that belt had snapped and there would have been a stampede on the watch.

It was evening when she decided not to take the bus that day. She started her walk back to home. In the market area a street kid came to her selling watches – imported aunty, all foreign brands, take it very cheap…Hesitantly Reena saw the kids arms.

Her watch was one of the many he had. The scratch on the watch was a clear indication of her watch. Not knowing how to react, she asked the kid “where did you find this watch?” Unsuspecting kid’s practiced answer was “Foreign, aunty”.

She was about to say liar, thief but stopped & asked the cost of the watch. The bargain was done and the watch was in her hands again.


Tweety said...

hmmmm quite a story...a simple short but sweet story :)

Leo said...

perhaps a financial help for the thief.. well narrated story!

Lost in thoughts said...

thanks to Leo and Tweety.