Friday, November 12, 2010


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"Why am I prison?", she pondered.

Beauty? She had a feather smooth skin. She had lips which was covered by red lipstick. Was this the reason to be in prison?

Quick learner? She can quickly learn things. Uniquely speak well. Was this the reason to be in prison?

Seek food? She liked mango. When the mango garden was full of ripe mangoes, what's wrong with having one? Is it correct to be hit by stone and called a thief for one fruit? Was this the reason to be in prison?

Now in prison. What kind of prison is this? I cannot stretch my body. Cannot eat food of my choice. Have to curb my natural instincts. And most importantly cannot fly like my fellow parrots, kissing the sky.


Amity said...

I very nice rendition of the P prompt...

how do you get inspiration for such beautiful stories?

Leo said...

very beautiful story.. the last line is itself a beauty.. the cage image wasn't necessary here at all.