Monday, November 01, 2010

Zombie deaths

Rick called the infamous sorcerer and gave him the contract. It was to eliminate his business rival Mr. Micky. Micky's recent acquisition spree had thrown Rick into big debts.

The sorcerer went on his mission. Micky was looking for a new driver and one of the Zombie controlled by the sorcerer got the job.

The Merc carrying Micky to his office was on a smooth drive. The Zombie suddenly turned the car when there was no road to do it. The crash against the school wall was fatal. Micky died on the spot.

The bold headlines of next day newspaper -
Micky dies in a freak accident
Rick's 10 year school kid also dies in the accident

Zombie was smiling at his double kill.
The sorcerer was happily counting his money.


Leo said...

creepy how trying to eliminate a rival ends up hurting us too.. nice twist, LiT..

liv2write2day said...

Wow! Convoluted plot. Good one.

Lost in thoughts said...

Thanks to Leo and Victoria!

ladynimue said...

you are a master story teller !!