Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Y for Yes...

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Mom told dad "let's have a family" - yes was the answer. I was born after a few months.

Dad asked me "will you go to the big school? Its good" he added. Yes, and I was in school.

Grand pa asked "will you carry the musical tradition of our family?" Yes, and I started drums.

Mom said "my son has to become an engineer". Yes, and I joined the engineering college.

Friend in college said "why don't you start smoking? Its a stress buster". Yes, and I became a smoker.

Girlfriend asked "Will you marry me?". Yes and we were husband and wife.

Company asked me "will you work on project Serb?" Yes, and I landed in an unknown territory.

Wife asked "Shall we have kids?". Yes and I became father.

Kid asked "can you take me to a circus?" Yes and I was watching funny antics.

Doctor said "there is a cancer in liver. Stage 4. Can you get admitted to hospital. Cannot cure but will reduce pain". Yes and hospital became my home.

Nurse asked "cancer pains a lot. Shall I give you another painkiller?" Yes and the pain reduced.

I asked myself "Should I live this life of pain and burden?" NO ... But nobody cared for this answer. 

I had realized that the world wants a YES.


Shalmalee.... said...

Awww....loved it! Very real!

Leo said...

yeah, when we want to hear a NO, the world gives us a YES always..

interesting take :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that's so powerful. Sometimes we just have to learn to say "No" but it's not always easy.

Prakash Nyamagouda said...

wow..so true!!