Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rain Race

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Roopa used all her energy to run faster. The race was with potential rain. The one carried by, in the thick black blanket of clouds over her. She hated this race.

It was a special day for her. She was meeting her potential husband, Ravi  in a restaurant in the evening. For this she wore her best and favorite dress. She had ironed it in the morning. Stood in front of the mirror for 15 mins, adjusting the crease of the dress. She had managed to retain most of the iron in the office, by seating in a proper way. As she left office early to catch a taxi, the clouds scared her. She feared getting wet and started running. Even during the run, she maintained her dress well.

Finally a smile escaped from her lips when she reached the restaurant just before rain Gods opened up.

Roopa sat next to a window watching the rain and waiting for Ravi. She was early. And proud of beating the rain. Expecting Ravi to come in a car, she adjusted her dress again. 10 mins later, there was a tap on her shoulders. She turned to hear "Roopa? I am Ravi."

She saw a man, soaked in water, dripping from all places with the wet shirt sticking to the toned body.

This time Roopa laughed out loud. Not sure if she laughed at the looks of Ravi or laughed at a loser. A loser who lost the race against rain.


Amity said...

Yes, she missed that beautiful race with the rain...trying hard to look prim and proper for her date but finally realized, she could have let herself get drenched and enjoyed the rain, same way her date had done!

Very beautifully narrated!

Leo said...

loser in a race against rain? :) hehe.. why not.. but meeting your better half in the rain would be romantic I feel.. nice story again :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy visiting your posts--like the narrative style of your poetry. Great story.

Jingle said...

romantic r take...
lovely story.